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Digital Spare Parts Documentation For Quick Access

Do you want a quick, focused overview over your company’s product range? Or need to find exactly the right spare part? Our digital spare parts documentation offers that and much more.

The essential feature of the spare parts documentation is identifying a required part quickly and reliably via fixed criteria or variables. Additionally, the functional relationship between parts must be visible. To this end, diagrams provide clear identification and intuitive contextualization. This is an indispensable aid for international use, helping, for instance, to transcend linguistic barriers.

Spare Parts Documentation At DEUTZ AG

Over 25 years ago, CompuKöln developed a digital spare parts documentation that is still successfully in use today – while being constantly updated and expanded. The spare parts documentation SERPIC used at DEUTZ AG, for example, contains by now over 6 million engines with over 330,000 spare parts and is internationally available in over 60 countries and 5 languages.

Spare Parts Documentation With Isometric Diagrams and 3D Objects

Isometric diagrams are used to ensure reliable identification. They serve as the key to the spare part, so to speak. In order to reuse diagrams, actual technical data are provided via corresponding parts lists. A diagram and the corresponding part in the parts list are directly linked via a position number. All specific data such as parts number, name, quantity, standard designations, weight, etc. are laid out in the parts list. The part number in the parts list is the unique identifier, which is also used to place a binding order for the part.

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