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We develop custom software for your business

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Why should you use custom software?

Offer the best possible user experience to your customers

Perfectly map your
business processes to software

Offer unique added value

Software for your business

You require custom software for your products or business processes? We develop custom solutions for your company for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Gain a competitive edge with custom-made software and don’t compromise on stability and security. Based on your requirements, our development center in Cologne, Germany, designs and develops software that you can effortlessly integrate – tailored to your business.

  • Software development to your requirements
  • iOS, Android, Web, and Windows development
  • Design, development, deployment and – if desired – operation from the same source
  • Programming in C++, C# & .Net, Objective C, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP
  • Support for diverse database technology
  • Server and cloud interface design
  • Agile or classical software development approach
  • Optional application hosting
  • Optional post-deployment support
  • Optional post-integration software maintenance

Mobile development

When developing apps, we design, develop and publish your app with you and for you. Both for B2B and B2C, we strive to utilize the full potential of modern devices for your application. Apps offer many decisive advantages that can be included in planning.

We develop both for iOS and Android and use the full potential of mobile devices:

  • Gesture control and touch interfaces allow intuitive app use, even for complex tasks.
  • Accelerometers and gyroscopes form the basis for intuitive interface concepts or new applications.
  • LTE, wireless LAN, and Bluetooth allow seamless networking.
  • In offline mode, basic app features can be used without an online connection.
  • Powerful processors support implementation of computationally expensive, sophisticated algorithms.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) offer completely novel user experiences.

Client-server system development

We develop custom Windows programs for your business. We support diverse requirements, both for desktop and server applications. We also offer the development of interface and wrapper software for software already in use.

Web application development

We develop web applications for you that are ready to use independently of hardware and operating system. Web applications combine the universal availability of website with the functionality of apps and programs. Current technologies like HTML5, PHP, AJAX, and JavaScript form the basis to deliver smart HMTL pages.

This offers many advantages:

  • no installation,
  • no annoying security updates,
  • no configuration files and
  • no gaps in availability.

Responsive design ensures automatic adaptation to the screen size of any device.

Classical software development

Classical approaches (Waterfall model, V-model) pass through roughly the following phases in sequence:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

For the collaboration between the customer and the development company, this means that the desired specifications are recorded in detail in a requirements specification that serves as the benchmark for both the implementation and the subsequent acceptance. This way, scope, requirements and costs of the project are known and defined from the very beginning.

Agile software development

In the face of ever-increasing system complexity, shorter development times, and requirements changing in the encompassing scope, agile software development methods have proven their worth.

In agile software development, the planned solution is split into the smallest-possible self-contained sprints. Each sprint consists of analysis, design, implementation, and testing with acceptance. After each sprint, the team re-assesses the current situation to plan the next sprint. This enables cost control during project realization despite the expected perpetual project reorientation.

One-stop service: Development and application hosting

We not only design custom software for your business needs – we also guarantee continuing software operation. With our hosting and maintenance services, you can skip high expenses for new servers, operating systems, and administration. You can also lower maintenance and operating costs. Ask about our application hosting!

We develop iOS apps and support you in publishing your app on the App Store, if desired.

We also support app development for Google’s Android operating system. On request, we support you in publishing your app on the Play Store.

We have always been developing for Microsoft Windows – both client and server applications.

We develop platform-independent applications in HTML without using active content.

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