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Why should you create invoices with CompuDMS?

Save time and costs
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audit-proof invoice archiving
in the DMS

Use DATEV and
payments exports for
seamless processing

CompuDMS Workflow: Invoicing

Faster and easier invoicing with CompuDMS

Do you create your invoices with Word or Excel, struggling with formatting and calculations? Save time and effort for the important issues: With CompuDMS you will create invoices with a professional, consistent look in no time!

A centralized list of articles and products, along with a list of debtors, helps you to avoid errors and speed up invoice creation. The newly created invoices can emailed directly from the software. This saves you more time, along with postage expenses.

Includes GoBD-compliant invoice archiving

The integrated DMS automatically ensures GoBD-compliant, audit-proof archiving of all invoices created. In this way, you not only create invoices faster with CompuDMS, but stay compliant with the requirements of the tax authorities at the same time and with no extra effort.

Increased security via access permissions

You can define access permissions in CompuDMS, determining the scope of data access for each employee. You can grant read-only access, allow data editing, and enable or disable data exports.

Convenient export to DATEV and direct debit formats

With CompuDMS, you will not only speed up and improve invoice creation, but a number of related processes:

  • The certified “DATEV Unternehmen online” interface simplifies working with your external accountant or your tax consultant. This saves you further time and money, helping to minimize errors along the way because you no longer need to proceed invoice data twice.
  • Additionally, you can generate payment orders via the SEPA export interface, e.g., for StarMoney, so payment data does not need to be processed twice. This helps you get your money faster and more reliable.

Of course, CompuDMS also allows you to export data to CSV or XML files.

Clear and well-structured views

With CompuDMS invoicing, you can get a complete picture over your outgoing invoices and the corresponding sales at any time. Colored highlights show workflow steps that need to be performed, such as sending an email, direct debit, or exporting data to DATEV. Additionally, you can easily search through your outgoing invoices and display them grouped or filtered by your desired criteria.

Seamless processing with ERP system interfaces

You can also import and process invoices from external ERP systems in CompuDMS – in case, for example, the ERP system does not support audit-proof archiving of outgoing invoices or does not offer interfaces for DATEV or direct debit.

In addition to importing invoice documents, the XML import interface allows you to input all invoice data.

Get to know the many invoicing options of CompuDMS for yourself.

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