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Why should you process invoices with CompuDMS?

Save time and cut down
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audit-proof archiving
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CompuDMS Workflow: Invoice Processing

Efficient invoice processing

Paper-based invoice processing is probably the business process offering the most potential for optimization in any enterprise. Our cross-sectoral workflow and document management software CompuDMS enables you to automate, optimize and accelerate invoice processing. You can increase efficiency, lower operating costs and decrease the number of mistakes occurring through manual data entry. The central, well-structured user interface lets you stay in optimal control of incoming and outgoing invoices. All invoices are archived in accordance with GoBD as a matter of course.

Versatile invoice submission

Many roads lead „into“ CompuDMS: No matter which – whether it’s the classic letter in the mail or electronic invoicing by email –, our invoice processing workflow always offers you the right import system.

You can digitize paper invoices directly via your office scanner. All scanned pages are displayed in CompuDMS both as small previews, in the order they were scanned, and as full-page view to check the scan quality.

Alternatively, you can scan paper invoices using barcodes. This is convenient if you do not have a scanner available at your workplace or a large number of invoices need to be scanned. You can import barcoded scans into the CompuDMS invoice workflow with a few clicks.

You can enter digital invoices arriving by email into the invoice workflow directly from your Outlook inbox. CompuDMS also supports checking a dedicated invoice inbox, of course.

No matter how an invoice enters the invoice workflow, the subsequent processing steps are identical for all invoices, with the manner of invoice arrival visible at all times.

Automatic invoice capture

The embedded text recognition (OCR) enables automatic capture of invoice details such as creditor, total amount, and date. Additionally, you can tailor the automation to your particular business requirements: Prefilled payment purpose for recurring invoices, automatic approval based on amount or on similarity to other invoices of the same creditor. Our enterprise software will save you lots of time.

Clear and well-structured views

Clear and well-structured views make it easy to process invoices with CompuDMS – even to users with no accounting experience. Our enterprise software uses color to highlight required tasks, such as invoices that need to be verified, to be paid, or to be passed on to your tax accountant via DATEV export.

Digital invoice verification and approval

The CompuDMS invoice workflow supports highly diverse approval scenarios: From the principle of dual control to multi-stage approval systems. Invoices are automatically digitally relayed to the responsible employees for verification and approval. The system can independently verify recurring invoices, approve them on verification, and perform allocation for you with a single click.

Exports and interfaces for DATEV and SEPA

Processing invoices with CompuDMS will not only speed up your internal business processes but communication with accounting or your tax consultant as well, thanks to our certified “DATEV Unternehmen online” interface. This saves you time and money. After approval, you can simply hand off your invoices to your tax consultant via DATEV export.

Additionally, you can generate payment orders via the SEPA export interface, e.g., for StarMoney. This means you no longer need to proceed invoice or accounting data twice.

You can also, of course, export data from CompuDMS to CSV or XML files.

GoBD-compliant archiving

CompuDMS features audit-proof, GoBD-compliant archiving for all accounting information, together with the corresponding invoice documents.

GoBD stands for „principles for properly maintaining, keeping and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access“(„Grundsätze zur ordnungsgemäßen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff").

CompuDMS ensures the proper digital storage of your accounting data.

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