Minimize Administrative Effort, Maximize Data Protection

Digitalize Your Personnel Files
with Our Software CompuDMS

Why should you manage your personnel files with CompuDMS?

Work more efficiently with
master data, contract data and
documents in one place.

Work uninterrupted with
the integrated scan module
and Outlook plugin.

Maintain GDPR compliance
with authorization
and removal concepts.

CompuDMS Workflow: Digital Personnel Files

Simplify management by digitalizing your personnel files

CompuDMS supports you in the management of electronic personnel files. Capture master data and contract data uniformly for all employees and link the data with the associated documents such as the employment contract, references or salary slips. In this way, you have all the information available in one place and avoid multiple entries or duplicate record keeping.

Immediate automated filing of personnel documents

Using the integrated scan module, you can digitize existing paper documents directly via your desktop scanner and add them to the corresponding directories of the respective employee's personnel file. Documents that you receive as email attachments can be filed even faster by adding them directly from your Outlook inbox with the Outlook plugin.

Handle personal data the right way

Data privacy is an important issue in the management of personnel files. Personal data may only be made accessible to authorized persons in the company. With a comprehensive authorization concept, digital personnel files make your work easier in this regard.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in effect throughout the EU since May 25, 2018, gives employees the right of access to the data stored about them. By defining access rights, you can enable your employees to inspect their personnel file and check the stored contents for accuracy themselves. This also reduces administrative effort and helps minimize errors.

You can also define retention periods for individual files. After the deadline has passed, you will be informed that files to be deleted exist. In this way, you do not inadvertently keep files longer than necessary or permissible.

Simple and secure inspection via role-based access permissions

CompuDMS has both a user administration (integrated or via connection to existing Active Directory) and an individually configurable, sophisticated authorization concept. This allows you to ensure that only authorized persons have access to documents and information. You can also grant your employees access to (partial) information in their own personnel files. In this way, you create transparency and reduce administrative effort.

Customize digital personnel files for your company

Digital personnel files cannot be comprehensively standardized because they have to match the internal work processes and meet the needs of the company and the HR department in particular. Benefit from the flexibility and configurability of our software: Integrate the processes for time management, vacation tracking, travel expense reports or performance appraisals directly in CompuDMS, depending on your needs. An extension is possible at any time.

In addition, you can also extend the digital personnel file system with the applicant management workflow and import the data and documents already filed there directly into the personnel file when hiring an applicant.

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