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Optimize your specific workflows with
our software CompuDMS

Why should you use custom CompuDMS Workflows?

Digitalize and automate specific business processes that do not have standard software solutions.

Convenient control
over custom and
standard workflows in a
unified user interface.

Every document for each business process is archived in compliance with GoBD.

CompuDMS for Specific Workflows

CompuDMS matches your characteristics

In addition to standard tasks that occur in a very similar way across many companies, there will always be company-specific characteristics that cannot be implemented with off-the-shelf software. Makeshift solutions are tightly limited – especially in connecting business process control with data and file management.

It is precisely those peculiarities, however, that often form the basis for a company’s success. Consequently, they should be present in a company’s software.

For this reason, our software CompuDMS offers small and medium-sized businesses what was previously reserved for the big ones: enterprise software that accelerates and automates – i.e., optimizes - their specific processes!

We combine the advantages of custom software development and standard software for you

CompuDMS combines the advantages of standard software with the perks of custom software development: While standard software stands for reliability, custom software offers flexibility and a perfect fit.

We achieve this by using standardized CompuDMS features and components. This allows us to either rapidly implement reliable custom enterprise applications for you or flexibly tailor our standard enterprise applications to your requirements.

Our CompuDMS standard features for your custom workflows

For our standard enterprise applications, we make, among others, extensive use of the following CompuDMS standard features which can used or combined for any enterprise application:

  • OCR/Text recognition (no volume limit)
  • TWAIN-based scanner access
  • Document import via barcode recognition
  • Telephony integration
  • Microsoft Office integration, including Microsoft Outlook
  • Visual data highlighting in tables and dialogs
  • Linking records, folders and files
  • Permission and role-based access concept for increased security

Software for all sectors

Thanks to the wide range of applications for CompuDMS, our customers come from diverse backgrounds: Insurance companies, trading companies and sole proprietorships are among our satisfied long-term customers.

Your CompuDMS could look like this

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