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Why should you manage your contracts with CompuDMS?

Smart assistants help you
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Security and access control via
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Create contracts faster with
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digital approval processes.

CompuDMS Workflow: Contract Management

Save time and costs with digital contract management

Every business relationship is governed by a contract – almost always this is set out in writing. Whether standard contracts such as leasing and mobile phone contracts or tailored customer and supplier contracts, all contracts have in common that they define deadlines, claims and obligations. With such a wide range of information, it is easy to lose sight of individual, albeit important, aspects, which can have expensive consequences. Just answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Where are which contracts filed in your company?
  • Can you get an overview of all current contracts and their terms quickly and with little effort?
  • Which contract periods are currently relevant?

With the contract management workflow of our software CompuDMS, the answers to all these questions are at your fingertips! Don’t waste time looking for specific contracts or trying to gain an overview, don’t cause unnecessary costs by forgetting to cancel a contract in time. Benefit from digitizing your contracts and manage your contracts in one single place.

Stay on top of contract periods

With a large number of contracts, it is easy to lose track of something, leaving you open for nasty consequences if you are surprised by obligations or give away your own claims. Our software will spare you unpleasant surprises by systematically recording your contracts, along with their core data, and managing them automatically.

CompuDMS notifies you when contracts require your attention. Additionally, you can get an overview over your contracts or view individual contracts, directly or via the built-in full-text search. The core data are displayed well-structured and are linked to the actual contract document. This way, you always have the essential key data in view and can dive into the details of an agreement whenever you want.

Everything you want to know about a contract at a glance

During the term of a contract, legal requirements, context or general conditions may change. It is therefore not unlikely that contracts will have to be amended or supplemented over time. New general terms and conditions or updated price lists, sent out automatically, are contract changes as well.

CompuDMS lets you keep track of the current status of the agreement at any time by saving additions and changes in the context of the original contract. Supplementary documents can also be stored in the digital contract file – keeping all information on a contract in one place. In addition, you can enter your own annotations to contracts, further increasing the information content.

More transparency for your contracts

Creating tailored customer and supplier contracts does not have to be difficult – even if many people are involved on both sides. Especially when used with Microsoft Word, CompuDMS creates transparency and reliability in contract negotiations. All drafting steps are unalterably stored and their contents can be compared at any time. The audit-proof archiving of your contracts lets you see the author and time of all changes.

Create contracts your way

Contract creation often requires collaboration between a number of people or even multiple departments. The approval and revision processes required for this can range from simple approvals to complex, multi-stage processes, depending on the company. Automatic documentation of contract changes may be desired as well. With CompuDMS you can adapt these workflows to your individual requirements.

Your data security is top priority

To effectively protect company data, user roles define who has access to your data and to what extent. This regulates which employees can see, edit or delete which contracts. This lets you protect your sensitive information and maintains compliance with data protection standards.

1+1=1: Word and PDF documents always in sync

Often, a large number of Word and PDF files are created during the development of a contract from the draft stage through modifications to the final status. In coordination processes in particular, you need to ensure that you are always working with the latest versions. It can easily happen that outdated PDF files are sent by mistake.

CompuDMS helps you to keep track of your contracts and, if desired, automatically generates an additional PDF file for each Word file. As these files are linked, the relations between documents are always clear – meaning more time and less stress for you.

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