Engaging Communication

Digital Contact Management with Our Software CompuDMS

Why should you manage your contacts with CompuDMS?

Be up to speed before taking the call – thanks to computer telephony integration

Reliable customer communication through consistent information
and file storage

Better business relations and satisfied customers through tailored and efficient communication

CompuDMS Workflow: Contact Management

Digital contact management makes communication easier

You can tailor our software CompuDMS to your specific business processes and centralize the flow of information for your daily work.

The contact management workflow enables you to connect all information and tasks related with establishing and expanding business relationships. CompuDMS thus supports you efficiently in communicating with customers and helps you to accelerate reaction and process flows with its central data management.

Keep a 360 degree view of your contacts

Using CompuDMS contact management helps you to optimize your company’s business relations. All relevant information of business partners, such as contact options, tasks or appointments, are provided centrally for all company divisions. Contact events chronologically document the course of the business relationship and associated documents are stored centrally. This way, your employees keep track of everything and have quick access to any information and documents assigned to the contact. Of course, CompuDMS also offers you numerous evaluation options to control your activities with pin-point accuracy.

Strengthen business ties and retain customers

Tailored communication helps to ensure long-term retention of business partners and create positive customer experiences. A number of features assist you in providing perfect customer care, such as assigning responsibilities within the company or quick follow-up creation. Telephony integration facilitates communication and provides immediate access to all the contact's data and information. This allows the employee to respond to the caller's needs and questions immediately and without any research effort.

Security is paramount

User roles determine the scope of access each user of the software will be granted. In this way you can protect important information from inadvertent deletion or alteration.

The first impression counts

With CompuDMS contact management, you can create quotes easily and automatically created and send them to customers directly from the application. This way you benefit from faster turnaround times, avoid manual data entry errors and create consistent quotes that match your corporate design.

The CompuDMS computer telephony integration (CTI) lets you know who of your contacts is calling even before you accept the call. With a mouse click, you can display the previous contact events or immediately add a new call note.

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