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Why should you manage your applicants with CompuDMS?

Make the right choice with confidence: quick applicant comparison by custom criteria.

Real-time overviews for
applicant data, communication
and rating in one place.

Be on the safe side with
GDPR-compliant authorization
and removal concepts.

CompuDMS Workflow: Applicant Management

Perfect match – find new employees

Choosing the right employee is crucial to the success of a company. When selecting applicants, it is therefore important to ensure that the candidate has the necessary competencies and skills that are so valuable to your company. With CompuDMS, you can create your own criteria for evaluating applicants, then add, for example, expectations about salary or wages, and evaluate them automatically to make informed decisions.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

This applies not only to the candidate and their application, but also to the advertising company. A positive external perception of the company is more important than ever – not just in the competition for customers, but also in recruiting. The goal should therefore be to make the application process part of your authentic and convincing outside communication. Placing job advertisements is just the starting signal. With CompuDMS, you and your company will make a good impression as a potential employer thanks to the faster response to incoming applications – which gets around among applicants.

Simplify your applicant communication

Applicants appreciate a quick response from the company and clear communication about progress in the recruiting process. Automated systems in CompuDMS simplify and accelerate communication with applicants. Confirmations of receipt, interview invitations or rejections can be automatically created and sent immediately. A contact history for each applicant and the use of individualized templates and text modules also support a quick personal approach. In this way, you also show the applicant your appreciation.

A perfect fit for your application processes

Every company has its own particular processes, from job posting, reviewing incoming applications, the selection process and interview invitations, to onboarding. Based on the experience and requirements of your HR department, our software supports you in recruiting and adapts to your processes. For example, additional selection criteria that are important to you can be included in the application process or multi-stage selection procedures can be implemented.

Handle personal data the right way

Data privacy is an important issue in applicant management. Personal data may only be made accessible to those persons in the company who are directly involved in filling the vacancy. CompuDMS supports you with a comprehensive authorization concept. Of course, you can also easily comply with the provisions of the GDPR using CompuDMS.

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