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CompuDMS Workflows and Applications

Invoice Processing


Contract Management

Contact Management

  • Central invoice management – no matter whether you receive them by email, fax or lettern
  • Almost completely automated capturing of accounting information
  • Large variety of approval processes
  • Export to DATEV and SEPA formats
  • Invoice document archiving compliant with GoBD and GDPR

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  • Faster and easier invoicing with CompuDMS
  • GoBD-compliant archiving of invoices
  • Increased security via access permissions
  • Convenient export to DATEV and direct debit formats
  • Clear and well-structured views
  • Seamless processing with ERP system interfaces

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  • Keep track of all contract periods
  • Approval and revision assistance during contract creation
  • Security via user roles and access permissions

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  • Full contact profile at a glance
  • Immediate access to linked files
  • phone system connection
  • Follow-ups and to-do reminders

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Applicant Management

Digital Personnel Files

Risk Analysis based on BSI 200-3

Data Privacy Management

  • Compare applicants with ease
  • Files and data of each application in one location
  • Automated acknowledgments or rejections
  • Stay GDPR-compliant via access rights and removal concept

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  • Manage master data, contract data and related files in one place
  • All information at a glance
  • Automated filing options for personnel documents
  • Stay GDPR-compliant via access rights and removal concept

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  • Basic Risk analysis based on BSI standard 200-3
  • Integration of additional threats
  • Automatic risk assessment
  • Assignment of risk mitigation measures
  • Customizable risk reports

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  • Centralized management of content relevant to data privacy
  • Records of processing activities as defined by Article 30 GDPR
  • Separate folders for processing as controller and contracted processing
  • Security via user roles and access permissions
  • Attach contracts, guidelines, data privacy agreements, etc., with embedded document folders
  • Easily meet accountability and documentation requirements with auto-generated PDF protocols
  • Records of data privacy training

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Quality Management

Document Control

Construction Site Management

Custom Workflows

  • Clear and structured view of all documented information, including category, version and status data, and effective date
  • Easily control the scope of documented information displayed to each employee
  • Outdated versions are automatically removed from access
  • Place related background information in embedded folders
  • Well-structured documentation for your document control

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  • Quality management component to control recorded information
  • Stand-alone operation to simplify digital task assignments (e.g., inbox processing)
  • Control stages (e.g., Processing, Validation, Approval, Distribution), fixed or customizable
  • Add comments and remarks
  • Due dates, with dashboard reminders, for assigned employees

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  • Quick overview over your projects
  • All project information at a glance (contacts, deadlines, documents, to-dos)
  • Access all related documents via embedded project folders
  • Use our optional app to document on the go (upload images, time sheets and more from the construction site)

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  • Automate and accelerate your unique business processes
  • Combine customized and standard workflows with document management in an integrated user interface
  • Intuitive user interface based on Windows standards

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Lower costs with automated workflows

Reduce your operating costs by digitalizing and automating your business processes. Using CompuDMS workflows, you can work both faster and highly effective. Get rid of lead time increases caused by manually processing paper documents and automate subtasks.

Cooperate more efficiently through workflows

CompuDMS workflows increase cooperation both within teams and between departments across the whole company. All data and documents related to a process are stored in one place. Employees can find contacts and responsibilities for each step of the process in the system. This enables fast, structured and transparent processing.

Keep track of processes and tasks

Keep track of processes, tasks and subtasks by using our workflows. Using the configured workflow settings, tasks are automatically assigned to the responsible employee. These tasks show up in the CompuDMS dashboard and can be started right away.

The workflow shows all related documents, along with all available data and comments relevant to further processing. This transparency helps making the right decisions – quickly and comprehensibly.

Get started quickly with standard workflows

CompuDMS provides well-tried, optimized standard workflows and enterprise applications for immediate use, such as:

All our workflows can be customized easily and quickly to fit them to your needs.

Flexible workflow customization with CompuDMS

Companies may choose to use CompuDMS workflows out of the box, adapt them to their needs, or commission completely custom enterprise applications for specific processes. Naturally, custom enterprise applications can be combined with CompuDMS standard applications and be used conveniently from a single, integrated user interface.

Protect your company data with permissions and roles

To protect your company data effectively, you can use roles and permissions in CompuDMS to control access to your data. In this way, you can control the documents and folders each employee can see, edit, or delete. This protects sensitive data and ensures compliance with data privacy standards.

Interface automation with workflows

CompuDMS workflows allow you to automatically import data and use them to start other processes. You can also automate data exports and the start of subsequent processes.

GDPR and GoBD: Audit-proof archiving in CompuDMS

CompuDMS enables audit-proof, GoBD-compliant archiving for all documents and data in your company. The audit-proof document storage allows you to review the author, time and exact nature of each change, or the point at which a file was permanently archived. GDPR requirements are supported as well.

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