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Increase Efficiency and Ensure GoBD Compliance with CompuDMS

The CompuDMS document management system is the ideal foundation for collaboration in a team or with business partners and enables simultaneous access to documents from several workstations. From creation to editing and versioning to audit-proof archiving, our DMS offers you all the essential features of modern document management. Additional features allow employees to easily work together, such as the built-in full-text search, a search assistant, and sharing links instead of files. The intuitive user interface of the document management system, based on Windows standards, is easy for all employees to learn and avoids the need for extensive training. This allows you to quickly introduce a modern document management system in your company.

Stop Searching, Start Finding – Utilizing Metadata for Document Management

As in Windows, you can of course search for file names in our document management system CompuDMS. However, CompuDMS further allows you to annotate files with additional information, so-called metadata. These can be for example editing notes, releases, or information about the document type. You decide which information about a file is mandatory or optional. Naturally, you can use this metadata for pinpoint searches. To complement this, a full-text search, along with text recognition (OCR), enables you to search the contents of e.g., PDF, Word, or Excel files. Thus, CompuDMS reveals information hidden in the file contents.

Store Documents Reliably

When archiving documents, companies are bound by legal regulations and retention periods. CompuDMS enables audit-proof and GoBD-compliant archiving of all documents in the company. Thanks to the audit-proof document storage in the DMS, all changes can be tracked, along with the author and time of each change. With CompuDMS, you have full control over the scope and extent of access to your data and protect important information from being accidentally deleted or modified. In this way, you protect your company data effectively and maintain compliance with legal regulations.

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