Audit-Proof Archiving For List Data

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CompuArchiv For Large Data Sets

Merely storing digital files in an audit-proof manner is generally not enough. Information must be found and contextualized quickly when needed. With CompuArchiv, you can retrace entire business transactions rapidly and unambiguously, going beyond mere document archiving.

CompuArchiv can serve as your expert for audit-proof archiving of large data sets. The software consists of three core components (production, database, research) and can be expanded with additional modules at any time. We scale the components individually, according to your requirements, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and performance. Rule-based indices permit easy researching in your database and quickly deliver the desired result to you. No matter whether it’s PDF, AFP, EBCDIC, ANSI, ASCII or SAP data, CompuArchiv supports all common print data types.

CompuArchiv at a Glance

  • Compatible with PDF/A
  • Fast and convenient research enabled by rule-based indices
  • Full-text search
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Modular design and custom scaling
  • Processes all list and print data formats
  • Supports both born-digital and born-analog records

Strong Partners for the Future: PDF/A & CompuArchiv

The PDF/A format supports important requirements for digital archiving. In particular, it enables the perfect reproduction of a document’s appearance. Without further measures regarding traceability, immutability and access restrictions, however, the PDF/A format by itself is missing import features of an audit-proof archiving system.

CompuArchiv, on the other hand, satisfies these requirements perfectly. Additionally, it offers pin-point research capabilities, full-text search with results highlighting, and a host of other features. In this manner, PDF/A and CompuArchiv form a perfect team for long-term audit-proof archiving.

CompuArchiv your way – license or service?

You can choose freely between outsourcing your archiving requirements or acquiring a license for the digital archiving software CompuArchiv. With outsourcing, you benefit from a clear cost structure and an operating environment that is always up to date. Additionally, you save IT costs and decrease administration and maintenance efforts. Finally, our tightly connected development and service departments here at CompuKöln enable us to rapidly develop new or updated components tailored to your needs.

If you choose to acquire a license, you utilize your own IT infrastructure already in place, allowing you to keep your data in-house at all times.

Certified in accordance with PS 880

As in previous years, our software was audited in 2018 and again certified without any objections.

CompuArchiv was audited in accordance with the IDW auditing standard PS 880. Particular focus was placed on compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung, GoB) as derived from trade and tax regulations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.

Ways to access the digital archive

  • The single-user edition of CompuArchiv Retrieval offers all the advantages of a lean, quickly deployed archiving system. It is especially suited for the needs of single users or small work teams with uniform access permissions.
  • Our CompuArchiv Web Platform gives your employees cross-platform access to archived data. The web technology does not use any active content, such as ActiveX or Java. This avoids unnecessary client-side administration effort and increases the security of your business.
  • With the CompuArchiv Server, you administrate and monitor your archiving system across all departments in your company network. Research requests are performed with the CompuArchiv NetClient. This system features a rights and role-based access concept that is both flexible and intuitive to use.

Automatic research and reports

In addition to personal research, automatic research, report creation and analysis are import in digital archiving, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.

The Automatic Research Workplace (Automatischer Recherchearbeitsplatz, ARAP) handles recurring tasks highy efficient. Research requests originating from external systems are relayed to CompuArchiv, with the results being saved or printed, as desired. It is possible, for example, to create duplicates of account or portfolio balance sheets with attached cover letters fully automatic without intervention by an employee.

The report manager provides you with tailored reports, analyses and summaries of your digitally archived documents. An intuitive user interface lets you use any field, such as date, customer number or transaction number, for filtering or for mathematical/logical operations. Within minutes, you can create a report template that screens the digitally archived data – tailored to your requirements. To quickly gain an overview over current key business figures, the report manager is indispensable.

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