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Why should you use CompuDMS Logistik for your warehouse management?

Maximize warehouse space utilization with random storage support

Fulfill orders faster with
digital pick lists

Improve quality assurance with completely traceable work steps

Warehouse Management With CompuDMS Logistik

Our warehouse management system “CompuDMS Logistik” comprises 3 program components:
The management interface – the control center –, along with the components for picking and packing the items to be shipped.


Feature List

CompuDMS Logistik offers a wide range of features, such as:

  • CompuDMS Logistik offers full multitenancy support, allowing you to store, manage and ship stock for multiple corporate clients.
  • Using barcodes and/or EAN codes, you can manage diverse packing units for each stock item, e.g., as single item, as a pallet, or bundled with other items.
  • In addition to the default storage, you can manage additional storages, such as reserve storages or temporary seasonal storages.
  • Pick and pack lists can be created with CompuDMS Logistik either manually or through automatically imported orders. Existing orders are imported via a robust CSV or XML import interface.
  • Mobile devices provide support for warehouse operations, e.g.: Picking, putaway, ad hoc movements, inventory tracking, and managing returns.
  • The connection to diverse shipping services such as DHL, DPD, UPS, and independent shippers allows you to always choose the best carrier while still benefitting from automatic shipping label creation. Of course, our software also supports pickup by the customer as a shipping method.
  • The built-in returns management assists you in processing returns and restocking the corresponding items.

A better overview and live reporting

In the management interface of CompuDMS Logistik, you have a large array of summaries and analyses at your disposal, including live reports. All item movements are digitally tracked and can be traced at any time. You can create end of day forms or perform evaluations of stock, items, or storage space. Using live reporting, you can always keep track of the current pick and pack list status.

Traceability and audit-proof archiving in the integrated DMS

You can track expiration dates and batches in CompuDMS Logistik to enable complete traceability. In case of a product recall, the items in question do not need to be manually located in the warehouse but can simply be compiled in a picking list and sent back to the manufacturer.

The integrated document management system ensures audit-proof archiving for protocols and journals.

Security through access management and logging

The built-in user administration allows you to manage users and user groups and assign configurable access permissions. This makes sure that every employee can access all files and documents relevant to them. The logging of all warehouse actions enables complete traceability of order fulfillment.


Minimum training time and effort for material handlers

CompuDMS Logistik guides all work steps in the warehouse via mobile devices. Employees receive clear information for their next tasks through a convenient, easy-to-read interface. This reduces training time and effort for material handlers.

Always on the move: Getting tasks done with mobile devices

The mobile picking devices support a range of actions, such as

  • Picking
  • Putaway
  • Ad hoc movements
  • Inventory tracking
  • Returns

along with many more options. Important tasks can be performed on the spot, eliminating the need for a workstation.

Packen und Versenden

Trust, but verify

The first step in packing is rechecking the picked items. Did any items get lost or mixed up? Is the traceability of such items guaranteed? Take your pick: Both a simple, quick check as well as a thorough verification of expiration date and batch of all items can be performed. CompuDMS Logistik will assist you in any use case.

Acceleration through automation: Print shipping labels and bills

Once the shipment is verified, delivery notes and additional delivery documents (such as the invoice) will be automatically printed, if necessary. The handler just needs to take the documents from the printer and attach them to the shipment. This avoids the manual, time-consuming assignment of pre-printed documents and all but eliminates document mix-ups.

Well-connected: DHL, UPS, DPD, …

CompuDMS Logistik offers an online interface for many popular carriers, such as DHL, UPS, or DPD. If an online interface is present, the shipping address gets checked during packing and the shipping label is printed as soon as the carrier confirms the data. Shipping never was easier.

Minimum training effort with CompuDMS Logistik

Employees working the packing station are guided step by step through the packing tasks. In this way, they receive clear information for their next tasks through a convenient, easy-to-read interface. This minimizes training time and effort.

Warehouse management with CompuDMS Logistik offers built-in support for barcode scanners that use Windows 10 IOT Enterprise as operating system (for example, the Bressner Scorpion 60 2D, shown above).

Find out about the many opportunities of managing your warehouse with CompuDMS Logistik in a personal online meeting.

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