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Our software CompuDMS optionally offers automatic, audit-proof email archiving

Why should you use CompuDMS for automatic email archiving?

Comply with legal retention obligations without additional effort

Stop searching, keep finding
– with full-text search

No more overloaded
user mailboxes

CompuDMS Email Archiving

Be on the safe side with email archiving with CompuDMS!

With digital transformation progressing steadily, sending business data by email is commonplace in modern companies. This lets emails fall under the scope of legal retention obligations for business documents.

The archiving module of CompuDMS can automatically archive incoming and outgoing emails in compliance with GoBD directly from the server, including all file attachements. Thanks to the integrated full-text search, emails are not just stored securely, but can be effortlessly retrieved as well.

In this way you comply with legal requirements, take stress of your mailboxes, and still have all your email data at your fingertips.

Protect yourself from data loss

With automatic email archiving, even emails deleted from a user’s mailbox will be preserved, along with all information contained in them, for at least the defined retention periods.

Comply with legal requirements

Merchants (as defined by the German Handelsgesetzbuch, HGB) are legally required to retain certain documents. Legal retention obligations are laid out, among others in section 257 HGB and section 147 AO (Abgabenordnung). The technical requirements for email retention result from the GoBD (principles for properly maintaining, keeping and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access, Grundsätze zur ordnungsmäßigen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff).

Protect your email server from overload

With centralized automated email archiving, you can remove emails from user mailboxes whenever necessary, reducing strain on the email server.

Protect your email data from unauthorized access

Thanks to the expansive access permission management in CompuDMS, only authorized users may access the email archive or defined parts of it (e.g., just the emails sent to or by a certain employee).

Convenient search

Using the integrated full-text search of CompuDMS, you can easily search for content in the email archive. This is generally much faster and more convenient than searching through your mail in the standard mail client.

Why is backup alone insufficient?

The answer is simple: Because an email archive and a backup meet different requirements!

A backup provides short or medium-term redundant storage to be able to restore the captured data when needed (e.g., after losing data to hard drive failure). A backup comprises a copy of the state of the data set at the time of backup creation, with the original data remaining in place.

Archiving, on the other hand, aims to ensure long-term retention on a separate media to enable documentation, traceability, and compliance with retention obligations. Generally, data are moved from the primary storage to a secondary storage – the actual archive – during the archiving process. When archiving emails, this also frees up storage on the email server.


Automatic email archiving is an optional module that is only available as part of CompuDMS.

Learn more about our document management system.

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