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Our CompuDMS Partner Programs

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Why should you partner with CompuKöln?

Digitalize your customers’ processes with ease with CompuDMS.

Receive appealing reseller discounts and sales material.

Impress your customers - our support is immediately available to help you with any questions or problems.

Software partners

As a CompuKöln software partner, you will receive excellent reseller conditions for all CompuKöln product and service deals that you broker. Communicate the added value of our products to your customers with ease with trial versions of our software and our wide range of training options and marketing material.

Business partners

As as CompuKöln business partner, you can use our software CompuDMS to develop tailor-made solutions for your customers, optimizing their processes and workflows. Through our partner program, you gain access to a wide range of training options, extensive support from our specialists, and a complete development environment including many example and starter projects. Whether you use these projects as a starting point or start developing from scratch is entirely up to you.

CompuDMS for Developers

CompuDMS lets you quickly develop powerful ERP software for yourself or your customer. CompuDMS includes a development and database system, along with many modules that provide essential enterprise software functionalities. The document management system serves as a firm foundation and can be called freely from the enterprise software. There also modules providing text recognition (OCR), Barcode recognition (BCR), document classification and automatic capture. External service interfaces, for instance to the Open Steet Maps and Google Maps web services, TAPI (telephony), DATEV or SEPA, are built into the system. As you can see, everything needed to create custom enterprise software is available from the get-go. The best part: You do not need to acquire a separate license from CompuKöln for any of these modules (third-party costs caused, for example, by accessing Google Maps, remain unaffected, of course).

With our partner program for developers, “CompuKöln Businesspartner”, you gain access to extensive training and support, and receive a complete development environment, including example applications. Do you have questions about our partner program? Just call us at +49 2203 202080 or email us at

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