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We support small and mid-sized companies in the topics of document management, business process automation, digitalization and digital transformation.

Our sector-independent document management system CompuDMS offers efficient document management with audit-proof, GoBD-compliant archiving as well as the capability to model many business processes and centrally manage day-to-day business information.

We also offer complementing services such as IT hosting, scanning of files and schematics, and consulting on digitalization and process optimization.

The target group is as diverse as the application spectrum of CompuDMS. Insurance companies, trading companies and sole proprietorships are among CompuKöln’s satisfied long-term customers.

Our History

The company was founded in Cologne in April 2002 by Rudolf U. Schliebusch as a management buyout from the W. Kohlhammer GmbH.

Starting in 1980, Mr. Schliebusch led his team within Kohlhammer Group first as department, then as regional manager, giving CompuKöln more than 35 years of experience in successfully developing information management software.

At the end of 2013, Dr. Oliver Schliebusch took over the management of the family-owned business from his father.

Our Management

Dr. Oliver Schliebusch attended RWTH Aachen University from 1995 to 2005, earning a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. During his Ph.D. he presented his research findings at a number of international conferences across Europe, Asia and the USA and registered multiple software patents.

His research findings directly contributed to electronic design automation (EDA) products, a field in which he continued to work in 2006 in the R&D department of a long-standing industry partner.

In 2007, he entered the family business as software development and IT team leader, later taking on administrative duties until he assumed the role of managing director.

Matthias Schröther attended RWTH Aachen University from 1993 to 1999, earning a degree in Electrical Engineering.

After his studies he worked with Nokia first as a software developer, then as a project manager for international and outsourcing projects in cell phone business.

In 2012, he moved to CompuKöln as head of software development and IT, later receiving signature authorization.

Why choose CompuKöln?

To enable you to work efficiently, CompuDMS merges document management and workflow management.

CompuDMS adapts to your business processes.

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For the perfectly tailored digitization of your business processes, we also offer a range of services.

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